From Humble Beginnings to Shining Stages: The Story of Talentworld Uday

Uday Kanathur

Founder, talentworld

Meet Uday Kanathur, the man who dared to dream and built a vibrant world of entertainment. From his humble roots in Kukkesubramanya to the bustling streets of Bangalore, his journey is an inspiring testament to his unwavering passion, relentless pursuit of excellence, and the power to transform dreams into reality. Dive into the story of the visionary who brought to life.

Talentworld Uday

Humble Beginnings

Born in the quaint village of Kukkesubramanya, Uday’s journey began with a natural talent for art and performance. He received a degree in business management from Vivek Ananda College Puttur, laying the foundation for his future success.

Hidden Talents

Driven by a desire to share his passion and empower others, Uday established  in 1997. He faced initial challenges, but his unwavering belief in his vision and relentless dedication led to rapid growth

Empowering Artists for a Brighter Future

Uday's Mission with Talentworld: Entertainment and Opportunity

Mr. Uday founded and expanded Talentworld with the goal of bringing enjoyment to his audience and the world at large. More than that, he plans to use his skills as an independent performer to assist entertainers and artists in making a living or increasing their income.

Bringing Happiness: Uday's Talentworld

Recognition and Contributions

Freelance Artist Forum

He is actively involved in the arts community, serving as the Secretary of the Freelance Artist Forum of Karnataka. He is a strong advocate for artists' rights and strives to create a supportive ecosystem for creative professionals.

Championing Kannada Culture

Uday is not just an event organizer; he's a proud flag-bearer of Kannada culture. As a registered artist with the Karnataka Culture Department, he's at the forefront of promoting local talent and traditions, infusing them into the mainstream

Star Achievement Award

Uday's dedication and contribution to the arts have been recognized with prestigious awards like the "Star Achiever" award. He remains a respected leader and an inspiration to aspiring artists and entrepreneurs across India.

Turns passion into profits
Creating Wonders with a Magical Touch.
Masterfully Balancing Objects with Sheer Skill.
Master of
Charismatic Host for Memorable Events.
Bringing Characters to Life Effortlessly.
Empowers artists to achieve their dreams


Juggling is known to lower stress, make you happy and build confidence.

“Whenever I am stressed, I do some juggling,” says Bengaluru-based Uday Kanathur, a ventriloquist, magician, juggler and founder of Talentworld, an event-management company. “It also helps build self-confidence.” Kanathur has been juggling for eight years.

On Sunday evening, artiste Uday Kanathur enthralled youngsters with his magic, juggling and ventriloquism acts. “Art forms like juggling and voice illusion have few takers in today’s world. Kids do show interest initially, but they outgrow them soon,” says Uday, who can mimic as many as 36 voices — from birds, squirrels to dogs and human babies.


Uday's Vision for Talentworld's Future

Uday envisions a future for Talentworld that’s rooted in innovation, talent nurturing, and strategic expansion. He plans to steer Talentworld towards new horizons, ensuring it remains a beacon of creativity and excellence in the event management landscape.

Uday invites you to join him on this exciting journey. For collaborations, mentorship, or a friendly chat about the world of events, feel free to reach out. Connect with Uday and be a part of the Talentworld story

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